FBJH-GB Heating Jacket for IBC

  • Heat-up and temperature maintenance for IBC chemical containers.

  • Chemical industries.

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

  • Explosion proof heated jacket for IBC chemical container.

  • Easy and fast installation with heat resistance velcro.

  • Glassfibre fabric for thermal endurance.

  • Flexible and excellent mechanical strength.

  • Resistance to heat, oil and chemicals.

  • Long service life.

Max. maintenance temperature 135°C
Heat-up control range 0 to +90°C
Rated voltage and current 110 - 277Vac, 30A
Power consumption 2 x 1,1700W max. per set
Min. installation temperature -40°C
Temperature sensors 2 x Pt100 RTD
Dimension when assembled L1,000mm x W1,200mm x H1,000mm
Dimension when opened H1000mm x L4400mm
Customized dimension available on request
Silicone coated glassgfibre fabric 400°C
Ingress protection IP65 min
Explosion-proof termination enclosure IP66
Built-in capillary thermostat