FBJH-GP Heating Jacket

  • Semiconductor, LCD, and battery industries.

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

  • Explosion proof heated jacket for purifier tank.

  • Easy and fast installation with heat resistance velcro.

  • Aluminum-backed glass fiber fabric for ultimate thermal endurance.

  • Flexible and excellent mechanical strength.

  • Resistance to heat, oil, and chemicals.

  • Long service life.

Max. maintenance temperature 350°C
Max. intermittent exposure 500°C
Rated voltage and current 240Vac, 15A
Power consumption 3,000 W max. per set
Min. installation temperature -40°C
Temperature sensors 2 x thermocouple
Height 690mm
Heating cable glassfibre insulated series heating cable 400°C
50mm E-Glass insulation