PYEX-ADR Flame-proof Junction Box Zone 1 and Zone 2

It is designed and manufactured to meet all the technical requirements for use in hazardous locations.

IEC60079-0 / IEC60079-1 / IEC60079-14

PYEX-ADR is an explosion-proof diecast aluminum enclosure for electrical installation in industrial projects.
It is made of special-grade aluminum to withstand 4 times overpressure tests in accordance with the IEC60079-1 standard.
The silicone rubber lid gasket seals the enclosure to meet IP66 ingress protection.
It has sufficient internal space 996 cm3 for the convenience

Ex protection Ex db IIC T6 Gb / Ex tD A21 IlIC T85°C Db
Operating temp. -60 °C to +60 °C
Material Special diecast aluminum
Dimension OD 2150mm x Height 95mm
ID 130mm x Height 75mm
Electrical rating 600Vac/ 57A max.
Ingress protection P66
Cable entry 4x M32/1 1/4" NPT / 1 1/4" PF max.