PYEX-SS-JB Ex-proof Terminal and Junction Box

  • Electrical installation in both hazardous and safe location
  • Trace heating for ship-building and off-shore plant
  • Oil well and petro-chemical plant
  • Control station
  • Instrument installation

Designed for trace-heating in harsh environment
High ingress protection IP66 or higher
Manufactured of acid -resistant stainless steel
Tailored size and performance
High strength and corrosion resistance / Long lifetime
Several earthing alternatives
Drain plug in box without water ingression
The addtional suffix describes the specific use of PYEX-SS-JB enclosure set for the 
installation with trace heating cables.
-P : Power connection / -T : Tee s

Protection Type : Ex eb IIC Gb Db T6...T2
Ingress Protection : IP66/IP67
Material : Stainless Steel AISI 304 or 316L
Finish Acid treatment
Ambient temperature : -50℃ < Ta> Applicable trace-heating cable : FBL, FBH, FBX, FBZ
Terminal block : Pheonix Contact UT2.5/4/6/10/16
Max. conductor size : 16mm⊃2;
Rated voltage : up to 750V