HACC-PK-P/TK-P Explosion-proof Power Connection Kit

It is designed and manufactured to meet all the technical requirements for hazardous locations rating Ex d and IP65.

HACC is an explosion-proof aluminum enclosure especially for heating cable installation. The additional suffix describes the specific use of HACC enclosure set for the installation with trace heating cables.
HACC-PK-P : Power connection / HACC-TK-P : Tee splicing
It is made of special-grade aluminum to meet the required pressure tests against explosion

After assembled height : 257mm(HACC-PK-P), 287mm (HACC-TK-P), 
 width : 132mm, depth : 64mm.
Ex d IIC T6 (Flame-proof), ingress protection IP65
Operating Temp -20˚C < Ta> Cable entry 3/4"PF compatible to conventional pipe thread
Gasket and cable seal : Flame-proof silicone rubber