HSR Self-regulating Heating Cable

  • Freeze protection for water pipepline

  • Temperature maintenance for fuel feedline

  • Automobile, camping gear

  • No overheating or burn even it ovelap each other

  • It self-regulates thermal performance in response to temperature

  • It can be cut to any length to suit any installation condition

  • Independent heat output control along the length

  • Soft power switching for energy save and for longer service life

  • Easy termination for power connection and splicing

Max. maintain temperature Power-On 65 °C (150°F)
Max. withstand temperature Power-Off 85°C (185°F)
Temperature classitication ( T- rating ) : T6 (85 °C)
Rated voltage 100-120 Vac / 200-240 Vac
approx. dimension 11.4mm x 5.4mm
Bus Wire - ASTM B355 Class 2 NPC 16 AWG
Outer Jacket (Optional)
CP - FR polyolefin : Exposure to aqueous inorganic chemicals
CF - Fluoropolymer : Exposure to organic chemicals or corrosives