LBSC-3000 Water Sensing Cable 

LBSC-3000 sensing cable is designed for various applications :

  • semi-conductor factory
  • battery factory
  • display panel (LCD/LED) factory
  • all other chemical plants
  • Applicable chemical : sulphuric acid,
  • hydrochloric acid, nitric acid,
  • and PAC etc

- Conforms with EMI/EMC and  Electrical Safety requirements
- Sensing cables can be extended  up to 1km
- Fast response less than 15 minutes depending on the acid type
- Leak positioning accuracy (± 1m /1,000m)
- Resistance to abrasion, chemicals
- Standard supply 3.5m, 7m, 15m
- Operating temp. -40°C ~ 80°C

Product Specification
Cable diameter    approx. 7 mm
Continuity wire    : AWG 20 x 2
Sensing wire: 

  •     AWG 30 x 2
  •     alloy with conductive coating

Spacer    chemical resistant XLEVA, red color
Maximum continuous operating temperature    80°C
Humidity    up to 80% RH
Flame retardant    VW-1
Min. bending radius    40mm
Min. installation Temperature    -40°C
Pre-terminated standard length    3.5m, 7m or 15m