SOLCO Leakban-LDS Fluid Leak Detection System

Power plant and sub-station : water and various chemical detection around power generation plants, data centres, central command units
Digital media centre : water detection including floor surfaces, subfloors and equipment locations 
Semi-conductor, battery, display panel (LCD/LED) factory : water, acid and base leakage detection around pipes, storage tanks, and trenches such 
as sulphuric acid, sulphurous acid, nitric

Features of LEAKBAN System
Conforms with relevant EMI/EMC and Electrical Safety requirements
Sensing cable can be connected up to 1km
Fast response (default 8 seconds)
Leak point positioning within ± 1m / 1,000m
Sensing wires sit in deep grooves making it fault-free
Durable and flexible / Reusable
Chemical and abrasion resistance
Standard supply lengths: 3m, 7.5m, and 15m

Network System

EAKBAN LBMM-100, the main display module, is connected with 
LBSM, the Submodule, via RS485 and monitors the status of all 
the linked submodules and sensing cables. When a leakage is 
detected, it automatically triggers an auditory and visual alarm for 
recognition and alert from a distance. Max. 32 submodules can be 
linked with LBMM-100 via RS485, and each submodule can 
accommodate up to 500m of sensing cable at maximum.

Stand-Alone System

LBMM-100, main display module can be directly connected with a 
leak sensing cable without a LBSM. It can accommodate up to 
1,000m of sensing cable at max. On the other hand, LBSM-200 or 
LBSM-300, submodules can be used without the LBMM. If 
necessary, it can be connected with a Windows PC via the 
RC-MBT unit for monitoring the status of leak sensing cables and 
for positioning the point where the leakag