PYEX-EP-DLE Trace Heating Applications Termination Kit 

Monitoring the performance of industrial trace heating circuits such as freeze protection or temperature maintenance of vessel, tank, chemical feeding or transportation pipelines.
Non hazardous and hazardous location.

The PYEX-EP-LE is an end termination kit with LED signal lamp. It is designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards for industrial trace heating cable system in hazardous locations such as petrochemical plant, gas plant, ship and off-shore facilities. It consists of an Ex certified plastic termination enclosure and all necessary parts together with Ex d signal lamp assembly.

It has a specially ‘single-twist-lock’ technology for easy and time-saving connection.

Protection type : Ex db eb IIC T6...T2 Gb
Electrical rating : 250 Vac / 10mA max.
Color : Green (250nm) / other colors on request
Ambient temperature : -50°C to +60°C
Temperature class T6 (85°C) when used with FBL
T4 (135°C) with FBH
T3 (200°C) with FBX15x, 30x, 45x / FBZ15x, 30x, 45x
T2 (220°C) with FBX60x / FBZ60x
Enclosure service temp. : -50°C to +100°C
Product dimension : & 57mm x 220mm
Construing materials Lamp cover : PC (transparent)
Main housing : glassfibre-reinforced nylon
Pipe-mount : PPS
O-rings and grommets : silicone rubber
Ingress protection : IP66 ( when assembled with heating cables)
Impact resistance : 7 Joules
Weather-proof : Yes
Approval : KCs, CE
Reference standards : IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC60079-7, IEC60079-30-1