PYEX-IE-PG25 Cladding Mounted Insulation Entry Kit

SOLCO PYROELEC cladding mounted insulation entry kits for the protection of power and heating cables when passing through thermal insulation cladding on pipes, tanks, or vessels.


  • Simple and fast to install

  • Excellent strain relief

  • Effective environmental seal

Part No.         Applicable Heaters                 Outer Jaket
PG-HS114         FBL/HSR 10/16 / 24w models         Polyolefin -CP
                all FBX / FBZ models             Fluoropolymer -CT
PG-HS112         FBL/HSR 10/16 / 24w models         Fluoropolymer -CF
PG-HS135         FBL / HSR 30w models             Fluoropolymer -CF
PG-HS137         FBL / HSR 30w models             Polyolefin -CP
PG-HS125         FBH 15/30 / 45w models             Fluoropolymer -CT
PG-HS136         FBH 60w models                     Fluoropolymer -CT