About Us

Ignis Trace | Industrial Heat Tracing Solutions

IGNIS TRACE is the official business partner of SOLCO PYROELEC, a globally recognized and advanced industrial tracing solutions provider in the Turkish market. With a team of experienced engineers who have participated in leading projects in Turkey for many years, we strive to provide quality services to our customers.

With our technical expertise and innovative spirit, we have successfully completed many projects and become a solution partner for leading industrial organizations in this field. We aim to achieve the highest customer satisfaction through customized products based on customer needs and unique projects that we deliver both in the field and design with unique ideas and creative thought.

We support our customers effectively by providing technical services with exceptional design and on-site installation work to ensure the perfect operation and maintenance of the products we install. We have extensive industry experience in all the projects we undertake and approach them with a solution-oriented perspective. This includes various industrial sectors such as mining, refineries, petrochemicals, storage and transportation facilities, power plants, food facilities, and treatment plants.

We are proud to be a globally certified supplier of SOLCO PYROELEC products in industrial and commercial heating systems (Heat Tracing Systems). All of the products we sell are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities, approved to manufacture ATEX and IECEx certified products.

You can visit our Catalog page to download our SOLCO PYROELEC product catalog.