PYEX-EP-MTS-12 Thermostat for Hazardous Area (EX)

The use in environments with gas and steam is permitted (zone 1 and 2 ) ; use in the area with conductive dust (zone 21 and 22) is also permitted.

The explosion-proof capillary thermostat PYEX-EP-MTS12 is buit to sense and control surface temperature of various objects in potentially explosive areas.
The capilary thermostat is enclosed within Ex d (flameproof) aluminium enclosure 
and then the whole aluminium enclosure assembly is fitted inside 120 x 120 x 90mm
engineering plas

Protection Type                Ex d e IIC T6
Ingress Protection            IP56
Ambient temperature range    - 20 °C to + 40 °C
Switching capacity            max. 250V / 16A
Relay output                Refer to Table 1.
Set point range (optional)    Refer to Table 1.
Housing                        Glassfibre reinforced polyester 120 x 120 x 90mm
Cable entry method            Plastic cable gland M16, M20, M25, M32 available
Plastic cable gland M16, M20, M25, M32 available        max. 2
Capillary sensor            made of stainless steel 
                                     Capillary Ø 1.0mm diamete