Self Regulating Heating Cable Technology

Self Regulating Heating Cable Technology

Self-regulating heating cables, which provide a crucial balance among energy efficiency, eco-friendly applications, and reliable heating solutions, contribute to the mission of sustainability with a variety of advantages. This technology stands out with features such as preventing water loss, melting snow, preventing roof and gutter damage, and providing freeze protection. Solco Pyroelec, which has sold and installed over 30,000 kilometers of heating cables worldwide since 2007, has joined forces with Ignis Trace in its sustainability mission.

Self-regulating cables provide an effective heating solution across a wide range of applications, starting from freeze protection to process maintenance and comfort. These cables promote water savings by preventing water loss caused by burst pipes. They also reduce surface snow melting, which can lead to expensive damages, and prevent damage that may occur due to cracked water pipes. With its robust structure, self-regulating cables offer reliable protection against ice and snow formation on frozen roofs, gutters, ramps, stairs, and walkways.

They not only withstand challenging winter conditions but also offer a sustainable heating alternative by focusing on energy efficiency and eco-friendly solutions. Beyond providing users with a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly heating experience, self-regulating cable technology offers an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future.

Smart Control and Energy Efficiency

Self-regulating cables, as the name suggests, provide a heating solution that operates sensitively to environmental changes. When energy is supplied to the cable, the conductive core generates heat and adapts to environmental factors at that point. With a decrease in ambient temperature, the conductive core contracts microscopically, increasing conductivity and heat production. Conversely, as the ambient temperature rises, the conductive core expands, reducing heat production. Thanks to this unique mechanism, self-regulating cables provide more heat when needed and minimize heat production when not needed, contributing to energy savings. When combined with advanced control and monitoring solutions, self-regulating systems offer a smart heating experience with high performance and exceptional energy efficiency.

Safe and Long-lived

Self-regulating cables offer an ideal combination of safety, long life, and easy installation. These cables pose no risk of overheating, prioritizing user safety. Moreover, these cables promise a long lifespan without the risk of combustion, even when stacked on top of each other. Compared to fixed-wattage cables, their installation is simpler, further enhancing their sustainable features. Self-regulating systems, especially when used in applications such as surface snow melting and roof & gutter ice melting, reduce accidents caused by falling ice and snow, thereby raising safety standards.

Damage and Malfunction Prevention

Self-regulating cables provide an effective solution against the risks brought by winter. These cables make building operations safer and contribute to the reliability of industrial processes. These systems detect potential issues in advance, preventing energy losses and minimizing downtime.

Water Conservation

Self-regulating heating cables play a crucial role in conserving water resources. These cables can contribute to preserving precious freshwater resources by providing protection against frozen pipes, preventing water waste and minimizing damage due to floods. Additionally, self-regulating cables are used as an alternative to chemical de-icers in surface snow melting and ice melting processes. This helps protect the environment from significant threats like salting while preserving the quality of drinking water and the suitability of groundwater for irrigation.


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